.           Copa Agroindustrial Consolata), established in Cafelandia City, Paraná State – Brazil is present in more than 40 countries with high quality products guaranteed by certifications ISO 9001, BRC – Food Products and APPCC/HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.
Adding value to the commercialized products based on the food safety, respecting cultures and quality of life of all people, Copacol completes 48 years of foundation and 30 years of experience in foreign markets, today present in 5 continents.
With 4.600 members and 6.700 employees, Copacol slaughters 330 thousand birds a day, 60% of this volume is commercialized in the local market and 40% is exported for more than 40 countries. The cooperative is reference in the world, not only because of the product quality, but the concern about the welfare in society.
The cooperative is synonymous of security for all the partners, mainly the customers, recognized for the sustainability of the projects that are developed to improve life of all involved people and protect the environment for future generations.
    The poultry business is present since the beginning in Copacol that started in 1982 in western of Parana State with a project called Integrated Poultry Complex and today corresponds of 60% of the annual turnover.
To keep the best quality and taste of the product recognized in the world, Copacol has all the experience necessary from the production process and logistics until the commercialization.
There are more than 1.100 aviaries built and 900 members in the poultry business, the members can count on the diversification in their properties to continue in the farm business, including also fish, milk, pork and grains.
The high technology used in the aviaries allied with the technical assistance to these members allows the best results and also the animal welfare.

   The investments of Copacol on the automatic machinery in the slaughterhouse ensure more aggregated value of products to attend the most demanding markets in the world.
Copacol produces 17 thousand tons per month to be sold in the domestic market and for export, besides the whole chicken, it's produced many cuts including fresh, frozen, seasoned and processed products required by different customers.
From the 6.700 employees working in Copacol, about 4.000 work in the slaughterhouse. Counting with a rigorous quality control, specialized techniques in cuts with the support of technology, Copacol guarantees the quality and safety of its products. Very well structured, Copacol has capacity to store 6 thousand tons of products and an efficient logistics.
Copacol is among the top agribusiness companies in Brazil, which makes the products a reference in Brazil and other countries.

In order to increase the participation of the members in the poultry business and add more value to their production, Copacol has signed a historical first-partnership between two cooperatives in Parana State; Copacol will work with another Cooperative called Coagru on the producing, processing and commercialization of poultry in 2012. To achieve this new objective, Copacol invested R$22.5 million to buy 50% of the slaughterhouse located in western of Parana State.
This new industry will slaughter 80 thousand birds a day and a projection to increase the volume to 160 thousand birds a day in 2014 and then 320 thousand birds in 2017.